Ironing boards


We are a company from the Veneto region that has been building ironing boards for 30 years. We have requests from both Italy and abroad. Depending on the quantities we could offer better prices.


Ghibli A.R.S. thermo-suction axis

The GHIBLI A.R.S. thermo-suction axis it is modern with heating, inflation and steam extraction functions, 120 x 45cm mesh ironing surface for easier steam flow. Elegant and modern design.

396,00 inc. VAT

Ironing system Art. ACM 720

The ironing system Art. ACM 720 is compact with a high-quality high-pressure boiler and an energy-saving air circulation system with inflation function and excess steam extraction.

649,00 € inc. VAT

Ironing system Art. ARE 715

The Ironing System Art. ARE 715 is also used by professionals and laundries, it is technically perfect, with a steam pressure several times higher than conventional irons, it has an elegant housing, intelligent operation and is easy to use.

979,00 € inc. VAT

Ironing station Art. CMM 820

The ironing station Art. CMM 820 is for daily domestic use, with a very resistant stainless steel boiler and capacity of 1.2 liters of water, sufficient for approximately 2 hours of ironing. Use of tap water.

297,00 € inc. VAT

Ironing station Art. CMM 860

The Art. CMM 860 ironing station is professional for heavy loads, suitable for schools, nurseries, seamstresses and large families, where the need for evening ironing is almost daily.

374,00 € inc. VAT

STR sleeve iron

The STR Sleeve Iron is foldable, portable and handy, painted in white. Quality and durability guaranteed.

18,80 € inc. VAT

Ironing table Art. 100

Improve your ironing experience with the Art. 100 Ironing Table. Its extremely stable design is perfect for both domestic and professional use. The high-quality metal base is made of rust-resistant, thick-walled tubing for durability and longevity. It is 100% made in Italy, guaranteeing the highest artisan quality.

128,00 € inc. VAT

Ironing table Art. 200

The Art. 200 Ironing Table is designed for stability with a high-quality metal base made of rust-resistant thick-walled tubing. Proudly made in Italy, this ironing board is built to stand the test of time and provide a safe and efficient ironing experience.

124,00 € inc. VAT

Ironing table Art. Confort

The Art. CONFORT ironing table is a perfect choice for both domestic and professional use, its rust-resistant metal base with thick walls and complete Italian craftsmanship guarantee stability and durability.
124,30 € inc. VAT